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Social Media & Marketing

The Creative Alliance works with clients to achieve the benefits and mitigate the risks of marketing via social media. We equip clients to participate in strategic, thoughtfully-executed social media efforts, using the platforms that make the most sense. Our process includes identifying and prioritizing social media tools and networks; determining personality, tone and types of content to be used; establishing and implementing a schedule of content development and posting; and monitoring for and reporting on results. We offer expertise in social media advertising, which is one of the most cost-effective, best targeted, and most easily measured ways to reach an audience today. We also make sure that social media efforts function synergistically with other PR and marketing efforts, so that they reinforce the client’s brand. When your reputation is on the line in a sometimes raucous, always expanding universe of social media, you’ll benefit from our expertise in reputation management.  

Industry Blogs

Cardinal Peak’s “View From The Peak” achieves its goal in assisting to position them as thought leaders in the industry. With the seamless tools and training provided by The Creative Alliance, Cardinal Peak has been empowered to operate this successful blog in-house.


As a multi-discipline, full service creative agency, The Creative Alliance provides a wide spectrum of marketing and design services:

Strategic Planning

A great vision requires a great plan. As someone once said, “Never go into battle without a map.” Planning is the key to making smart decisions and getting the best ROI out of your marketing budget. Bringing your marketing activities together into a unified plan improves the effectiveness of everything you do and every dollar you spend. Sure, it takes some extra time on the front end; but it pays big dividends down the road.

Market Research

Good market research can provide a better understanding of your audience, reduce unnecessary risk and identify the best opportunities for deploying your marketing assets. In primary research, we use personal interviews, online surveys and focus groups with multiple stakeholders: customers, employees, strategic partners, and all levels of management. We also provide competitive intelligence to help our clients see where they are positioned vis-à-vis others in their industries. What emerges is an enlightening, 360° view of the marketing challenges and opportunities ahead.


Brands are not just logos and taglines. They are belief systems—the collective perception your audience holds about your company or product. Brands are distilled from the values and passion of the visionaries who lead your organization, and winning brands are built by engineering the perfect balance of uniqueness, frequency and consistency. Branding often involves letting customers tell you what your products and services mean to their lives, and then reflecting that message back in the terms most meaningful to them.

Websites & Mobile

A website is almost always the most powerful tool that an organization has for communicating with its prospects and customers. It is the flagship communications platform where new prospects conduct their due diligence. Through usability best practices, innovative design, optimizing for mobile use, and creating multiple forms of engagement, we build dynamic websites that reinforce each client’s brand, moves their visitors further through the customer decision journey,  and produces qualified leads.

Video & Multimedia

Video is the lingua franca of the Internet, crucial to a well-rounded Internet strategy. A short video can tell a story that engages people in ways that words on a page can’t. Video allows for a creative mix of sights, sounds, animation, live action and special effects that can tell your story online, in presentations and across social media. From initial script and storyboard to shooting and post-production editing and animation, we provide concept-to-completion video work for Web, advertising, sales support and corporate communications.


No, it’s not like Mad Men any more. Advertising now exists in an integrated context of audience interactions: online, broadcast, print, mobile, social, out-of-home. More data-driven than ever before, successful advertising requires breakthrough creative and strategic placement in order to build awareness, sustain brand recognition and move an audience to action. It requires thoughtful integration with PR and social media. And it requires some good negotiation skills. Our media planning and buying savvy has saved our clients a lot of money, partly because we don’t take media commissions—we pass any agency discounts we receive on to our clients.

Public & Media Relations

Connecting with customers and stakeholders through non-advertising methods is an extremely effective way to build a brand and influence an audience’s behavior. As a long-term process, public relations uses a number of different tools to help clients communicate with the audiences most important to them. We have invested heavily in the technology and list building tools to help our clients reach the key editors, reporters, bloggers, analysts and other influencers within their respective industries.

Digital Advertising

Our clients receive the right combination of digital marketing efforts strategically implemented across campaigns that are measurable for clear definition of your ROI.

Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” That describes our approach here at The Creative Alliance, but we also see content marketing as part of a larger ecosystem of digital communications and public relations.

Social Media Marketing

We work with clients to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of marketing via social media. Not all social media venues make sense for all companies, so we help our clients evaluate the best opportunities, execute well within those spaces and monitor responses. We help clients launch new social initiatives, collaborate on daily social media interactions and integrate with social media advertising and special promotions.

Search Engine Optimization

To drive more qualified traffic to our clients’ websites from search engine results, we employ the link-building, keyword strategy, coding structure and development best practices that maximize SEO. We also help our clients improve SEO through tactical efforts like blogging, video and other tools that impact Google’s PageRank™ algorithm and the ranking systems of other search engines.

Package Design

Apparently you can judge a book by its cover. Most people do. So how your product is packaged can be the difference between success and failure. We have developed award-winning packaging design for consumer packaged goods and other products—design that creates shelf appeal in a retail environment and reinforces the brand after purchase.

Sales Support

We help our clients produce the sales support tools—printed and electronic—for each stage of prospect and customer engagement. We produce first-class presentations, email campaigns, brochures, video, proposals, pitch-books, landing pages and anything else that moves the conversation forward. Whether these materials are intended for wide dissemination, or carefully honed for an audience of one, we apply the creativity, copywriting and design that can break through the clutter.

Digital & Advertising

Digital advertising offers an affordable, measurable approach to marketing with an incredible ROI. It is currently the fastest growing and fastest changing element of integrated marketing. So we make a significant investment to stay current with what works and—equally important—what doesn’t. That said, it also involves a lot of testing for response, comparing of results and ongoing adjustment of the platforms, creative and cadence of the various components. But once you get it right, digital advertising can contribute to a flywheel effect where all the parts contribute to visibility, brand reinforcement, thought leadership, conversions and sales. Based on select demographic, psychographic and geographic parameters, we offer a broad suite of digital marketing solutions,  including:

  • Digital advertising
  • Retargeted advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing and landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media ad placement
  • Marketing automation
We integrate these diverse media into a comprehensive web strategy that includes our proven-successful SEO and SEM services. We also track results and provide detailed reporting on response so you can know how your marketing efforts are performing and what your return on investment is.

Websites & Mobile

A website is often the most powerful tool that an organization has in communicating with its prospects and customers. The Creative Alliance employs a time-proven, strategic process for website development that begins with an examination of how the site’s content, organization and functionality can best address a company’s business objectives. Our process continues through design of a custom look that reflects the brand and connects with audiences, and on through development, testing and launch. With careful attention paid to search engine optimization, every website we produce is built to powerfully represent our clients..

That is just the beginning. We design and build websites with you in mind. Our goal is to create a website that will be your company’s workhorse, alive with new information that takes advantage of your media goals, as well as achieves your business goals. And we build websites that you can easily update and manage in-house, so you are not a slave to us making changes and adding new information. We do, however, train you and your team, offer you reports on how your site is performing, and make ongoing recommendations to keep your web operating just like we planned, and also to respond to changing business conditions. View our website and mobile portfolio.

“The Creative Alliance created the most wonderful website using my African heritage, background, travels—my story. They even created a Swahili dictionary. It was a unique and absolutely phenomenal achievement.” Barry Cooper, Founder, Cooper Tea


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